About Us

Angel Housing

Angel Housing owns and operates two housing sites for homeless and low-income individuals throughout Los Angeles County.  Angel Housing aids and provides guidance to individuals experiencing homelessness or that are in danger of becoming homeless throughout California.  Through the years we have focused, primarily on helping single mothers and their children.


Our organization, Angel Housing is a nonprofit organization derived from a social service company, Apple iPad & Android Tablet Tutoring (AIATT).  AIATT began in 2009 offering after-school educational programs to low-income and homeless children.  Our mission was to make sure no child was left behind and to help educate and improve the lives of underserved students.  AIATT provided one on one and group tutoring to students ages 5 -19.  AIATT served students in 21 counties including Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Alameda, Orange, Sacramento, Nevada, and Arizona.  A total of 100,000 students benefited from our program of which 15% to 20% were homeless children.  


As our staff from AIATT were attempting to make the initial contact with several of our students, they encountered disconnected numbers, wrong addresses due to students and their families experiencing homelessness.  AIATT’s case management team conducted extensive outreach to locate referred families and to maintain contact to ensure the successful completion of services.  Once enrolled, AIATT provided tutoring and our staff was trained to do whatever it took to make sure these students were receiving the tutoring needed. Our tutors would meet these students at libraries, restaurants, parks, etc. Our company and staff at AIATT did what they had to do to ensure these students were being taken care of and receiving educational services.

In 2010, Apple iPad & Android Tablet Tutoring also began providing adult education to low-income and homeless individuals.  In doing so, we took notice of the increasing rise of the homeless population in Los Angeles and its surrounding counties.  Therefore, in 2013 we started making a conscientious effort to help homeless individuals giving priority to families with children with their necessities such as providing them assistance with housing, food, job placement, and social services.  


Angel Housing currently owns two housing sites: one in Los Angeles and one in Glendale. 

In addition to these properties, we work with our residential developers to house families in need. Currently, we are housing around 126 families through our nonprofit. These single parents or individuals consisting of mostly women are housed temporarily or permanently in our housing sites or our affiliate’s apartment buildings. Angel Housing’s biggest housing affiliate is Wiseman Development which is one of the largest apartment developers in the city of Los Angeles.

In addition, we currently have a Master Agreement with the Department of Health Services (DHS) to provide supportive housing services. Our nonprofit gives away 100% of all charitable donations back to the community.  We are a true nonprofit in the sense that all money that is donated to Angel Housing is distributed to families in need. Our organization primarily focuses on helping women and families with children who are homeless and/or have fallen on hard times.