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Providing guidance to individuals throughout Los Angeles County.

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Permanent Housing for families and individuals experiencing homelessness is the goal that our organization strives to achieve.  In our Permanent Housing program, we work with individuals or families experiencing homelessness to help place them into their own apartments.  We provide families with supportive services and case management to help them maintain permanent housing.  We must remember that factors such as maintaining employment or gaining education or skills help in building self-sufficiency.


Community Outreach

Angel Housing has partnered with several organizations within different communities such as churches, free clinics, and schools that refer individuals and families experiencing homelessness to our organization.  We help these families and individuals with referrals to services that they may qualify for in addition to housing.  Angel Housing works at building a relationship between our clients and their communities to attain a better quality of life.

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Angel Housing helps individuals experiencing homelessness get access to basic necessities such as food, toiletries, and clothing.  We make this available to individuals or families that reach out to our organization directly or through our community partners.  We hold food distributions within the communities that reach out to Angel Housing that have a growing homeless population.

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We help individuals experiencing homelessness find jobs or training to help them gain financial stability and self-sufficiency.  We provide the individuals and families we work with assistance with basic resume writing, assistance with completing employment applications, and interviewing skills. In addition, we hold Career Fairs and provide access to job fairs that may become available in the area.

Housing Services

Angel Housing provides homeless families with housing and supportive services to suit their specific needs. Our programs are designed to empower homeless parents and their children to obtain housing stability, build healthy relationships, and enjoy emotional and financial well-being. A team of professional staff offers an array of services in housing, employment, and education.


We assist families to move into permanent affordable housing as quickly as possible and provide social services while families are in their own homes. These supportive services are designed to enhance each family’s stability and equip them with the skills and resources needed to sustain and thrive in permanent housing and avoid future homelessness.


Once a family is housed, Angel Housing works to provide additional supportive services to help increase their income, help them escape poverty, and improve the health, education, and development of their young children.


Case managers, housing locators, and employment specialists work with each family to assess their unique needs and create a customized plan for achieving long-term stability and independence. Once in permanent housing, families build on their success with aftercare support from our program’s staff and expansive network of community partners.

How We Continue To Help

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Angel Housing is a community-based organization focused on helping make the world around us simply a better, happier place. With the help of our tireless staff, we organize fundraisers, food drives, and in-depth training sessions for our volunteers.  We continue to maintain and expand the network of community partners we work with by reaching out to schools, temples, churches, different associations, and different community members. 

Our Mission

Angel Housing, a nonprofit organization was started to solely work with homeless single mothers and women. The mission of Angel Housing is to develop and deliver innovative strategies to help end homelessness with a client-centered approach to improve health conditions, increase sustainable income, and implement a long-term permanent housing solution for the homeless.  Our core values reflect an inclusive and inviting environment, where those without a home or a stable environment can get back on their feet once again. At the heart of our organization lies a dedication to support and strengthen the communities we serve.


At Angel Housing, we empower our clients and their families to overcome their personal barriers to maintain housing so that they can transition out of homelessness and poverty. Our programs build on each family’s strengths and teach them professional and life skills while also bolstering their ability to be self-sufficient and independent. Since our inception, we have placed over a thousand families in permanent housing, including thousands of children. The actions we take and the programs we create are essential to the beginning of an importa

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How You Can Help

There are so many ways to support our mission. Contact us to find out more about volunteering opportunities, fundraising events, and ways to get our message to your friends, family, and community.  Much of the work our organization has done to date is through word of mouth, so if you think or know someone needs help or guidance because they are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless please refer them to us.  We will help those experiencing homelessness ourselves or through an affiliate.

Donations are what allow us to help more individuals in need.  You, your family, and your friends can donate as little or as much as you want.  There is no such thing as a small donation, every donation counts and has a larger impact on the help that is provided to those in need. Donations are what help us provide individuals with clothing, food, and even critical education and life skills to empower them and help them become successful at becoming self-sufficient.

We are currently unable to help even more homeless children, individuals, single parents, and women because we need more housing available.  We are looking for donations to acquire or build additional housing to help place more families.  We are looking for donations not just monetary but also for residential or apartment buildings that we can help more individuals experiencing homelessness achieve permanent housing.

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